Google Apps for Education, also known as GAFE, is a suite of free productivity tools designed to increase collaboration within the classroom by allowing users to create, share, and edit files in real-time. It creates an environment where everyone is working on the same page that is automatically stored in the cloud and is compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android to name a few.

Google Apps for Education provides students with a unified solution for staff and student access to a productivity suite and digital workflow. With the increasing use of digital tools in education and the workplace, students need to know and understand how to use these tools appropriately in order to ensure college and career readiness. Through Google Apps for Education or GAFE, students have the opportunity to access a District-provided solution for file storage that is accessible outside of the school building.    

Google Apps for Education Core Applications


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Docs (Drive app)

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Sheets (Drive app)

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Slides (Drive app)

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Currently, schools are able to opt-in to participation in this pilot. Schools are able to select the core apps their students can access through their GAFE account.

CLICK HERE to access the Google Apps for Education  sign-in tutorial for CCSD faculty.

CLICK HERE to access the Google Apps for Education  sign-in tutorial for CCSD students.

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