The Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) works on several initiatives that support blended learning environments. So… what is blended learning?

Blended learning is not merely technology-rich instruction. It is much more than that. The Christensen Institute, the leader in blended learning research, has developed a formal definition of blended learning which CCSD has adopted.

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Here are the most common models of blended learning according to The Christensen Institute’s


Here’s how Innovative Learning Environments is supporting the growth and adoption of blended learning in the Clark County School District.

Preparing Teachers for Digital Learning Environments

Moving from the traditional face-to-face learning environments where teachers lecture and students listen, to where digital content is supporting student learning can be a difficult transition. Working with the CCSD Professional Development Education, the ILE department created the Online & Blended Teacher Certification Program, which is designed to help teacher understand and embrace the pedagogical and technical tools to make the shift to digital learning.

District-Developed Secondary Online Courses

Using CCSD resources, human and capital, the ILE department works on developing, revising, and maintaining online secondary courses. This initiative was born out of the Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD, and the need for courses aligned to Nevada Academic Standards in middle and high school. Teachers across the District can deploy these courses in their classroom, using the Canvas learning management system. Courses can be used in full, as part of a blended learning environment, or for unit recovery.

Selection and Deployment of Vendor Digital Learning Products

CCSD has several contracts with vendor products that can be used at local schools. ILE oversees the selection, contracting, management, deployment, and teacher training of vendor online course products for grades 6-12. Having access to quality online content is key to building a blended learning environment. ILE monitors student success and District deployment various vendor contracts towards this initiative.

Digital Learning Projects

CCSD schools are embracing blended learning and ILE is there to help. Our staff works alongside school administration and teachers, providing consultation and support of blended learning environments. Below are a few schools that ILE has worked with to create high quality digital learning environments for students.


Ries ES

Consultation in the growth and expansion of digital learning in K-5 classrooms using a station rotation blended learning model.


O’Callaghan MS

Consultation in the design of a school-within-a-school flex blended learning academy to be deployed in 2016-17.


Mojave HS

Consultation in the development of a the 2015-16 enriched virtual learning academy for credit deficient seniors and juniors.